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Interdisciplinary Competence


About this course

This online course presents key findings on interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer in an easily accessible video format, as well as practical and concrete how-tos for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Learn everything about interdisciplinarity and knowledge transfer. The topics covered are what interdisciplinarity is, why it is such a valuable method in science and how the the potential of interdisciplinary research can be raised in terms of knowledge transfer. This course shall provide helpful input so that your research has a significant impact on society. Discover what it really needs to work in interdisciplinary teams in a successful manner. The course includes practical tips about how to exploit interdisciplinary opportunities, enhance your interdisciplinary career, lead interdisciplinary teams and successfully transfer knowledge.

Structure of the course

This course consists of six modules, each with 20 minutes of video material and short assignments. Most of the tasks are graded and can be completed up to three times. Some open task types (e.g. Wordclouds) are used for interaction with other participants and are not assessed. The assessment is used to check one's own learning success, which can be viewed under progress. The successful completion of the course can be certified with a certificate which can be shared via LinkedIn. The course can be taken self-paced, meaning that you can work at your own tempo. This means the course can be interrupted at any time and continued at the same point. We recommend one or two modules per day to digest informations.

Do I need explicit any qualifications or skills?

No qualifications or skills are required. A vested interest in the field of interdisciplinarity is recommended, such as the thoughtful participation in the interactive parts for the best learning effect.

What data is stored for the implementation of the course?

The course has been developed in consultation with a data protection supervisor in accordance with EU law. We have taken care to implement the course with as little data as possible. The course stores your email address, your username and your full name, which you provide during registration. The use of the full name is important for the issuing of a certificate. All data such as answers to multiple choice questions remain on a German server where the course is hosted. Data such as learning progress can only be viewed by the course admins, not by other course participants. Answers in external services (for example mentimeter for wordclouds) cannot be traced back to their learning account.